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Books By Michele Roger

Terror Under the Lupin Moon: Book One of the Michigan Macabre Mysteries

Roger, Michele and Genet, M. M.

It was supposed to be a simple weekend. Amanda had prepared herself for meeting with Hospice, to help her mother plan the final stages of her wild, magical life. Amanda had prepared herself for the doldrums that would likely accompany returning to her small, Michigan hometown.

Instead, within minutes of pulling into the driveway, Amanda finds herself in the middle of a homicide investigation, a two hundred-year-old Native American legend, a talking cat, a reconciling with the local witches, and the most unlikely place to fall in love

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The Curse of the Snake Princess

Roger, Michele

After the events of her terrifying encounter with the Dog Man, Amanda Burton’s been hoping for smoother roads ahead, especially now that she has Detective Ashton Leeming in her life.

Of course, the Universe has other plans for our heroine.

What at first appears to be an accidental death by snakebite turns into a murder case on Belle Isle. Now Ashton must combine his vast crime solving skills with Amanda’s paranormal influences to solve the mystery before anyone else falls victim to….the Curse of the Snake Princess.

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Eternal Kingdom: A Vampire Story

by Michele Roger

Though mankind has no knowledge of vampires being real, a small group of elite humans co-exist with them, living -and sometimes dying-side by side.

Many of the vampires have to self-control, but the Council, the rulers of the undead, not only manage their bloodlust, but scheme and plot like the Romans of old.

When the vampire Council revives the chess tournament some the time of Julius Caesar, every undead member begins scheming, hoping that they are the victor. Soon, humans are recruited for the opposing team. Some are convicts with nothing left to lose, while others are dying from terminal diseases. What have they got to lose when the prize is immortality?

In this game, the pieces are made of humans and vampire players and to lose a piece is to lose that player’s life. As two game masters call out each move, humans are fed upon by vampire opponents, and vampires killed by sun-based weapons.

At the end of the game, someone will inherit the Eternal Kingdom

Melody, a music teacher in a Detroit, inner-city neighborhood is burnt out. She’s tired to having bake sales to raise money for band instruments, tired of the leaky roof in the auditorium and tired of urban life in general. On a whim, she leaves it all behind for a taste of the country life and a teaching post at a prestigious music conservatory.

Her new life takes a turn when she discovers that one of her new students has turned up murdered and another is missing. Whispers in the staff room speak of a curse long ago buried and now rising to strike again. As she researches the impossibility of the likely killer, she discovers that The Conservatory is a breeding ground for corruption, wealth and brilliance driven to the point of madness.

In this holiday short, Detroit is recovering from a world-wide pandemic that has left the planet divided in to the healthy and The Others. As Santa arrives in his red mustang, he must be the conductor of a holiday ceremony that will touch the survival of every living resident of the city. Some will walk away to return home and celebrate Christmas while one unfortunate citizen will have a very…Merry Bloody Christmas. Copyright 2024 All Rights Reserved